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Magnetic fast-loading feature



  • superior walking stick designed for driven days
  • handmade in Devon from seasoned oak
  • high grade alloy spike
  • ideal anchor point for young or over-enthusiastic dog
  • provides somewhere to hang your empty gunslip, cartridge bag, hat or coat
  • magnetic fast-loading storage for a brace of cartridges available with a detachable spike
  • magnetic empty cartridge collection (standard with the detachable spike, available as an option with the fixed spike)


The Fieldstick is available in Long and Medium sizes, but it can also be made to your own measurements usually at no extra cost.


The Long Fieldstick keeps gunslips and coats higher and drier, but is likely to be too long for the shorter person. It measures 48 inches to the spike, which is an additional 9 inches in length.

Empty case collection feature

The Medium Fieldstick is easier to use as a walking cane, but longer gunslips might touch the ground. It measures 42 inches to the spike, which is an additional 9 inches in length.


Empty Case Collector

The magnetic empty case collector enables you to effortlessly and easily collect your spent cartridge cases. It is available as on option when ordering the fixed spike fieldstick, and is fitted as standard to the detachable spike fieldstick.

Protective Cover

A specially designed cover to protect your Fieldstick and your car on the journeys to and from the shoot. It is made from dark brown heavy duty cotton canvas and is closed using cotton canvas tie straps.

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